200kcal meal series | Step 2 of the Cambridge Weight Plan | Spicy Chicken Breast With Cauliflower Rice & Courgette Ribbons

As you may know, I am following the Cambridge Weight Plan on Step 2 and I’m making good progress. I thought I would share my top 7 200 calorie meal ideas with you. This is my recipe for Spicy Chicken Breast, Cauliflower Rice & Courgette Ribbons. You can find all of the other recipes here in my roundup post.


170g skinless chicken breast

40g courgette ribbons

40g cauliflower rice

A pinch of curry powder, tumeric and paprika


Oven bake the chicken breast sprinkled with tumeric, curry powder & paprika and cook for approximately 20 mins at 180c for a fan assisted oven.

Meanwhile, microwave the cauliflower rice until piping hot and steam the ribbons of courgette. Serve immediately.

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