My 2017 garden project

We moved into our house coming up to a year ago now, and we love it here. It was the best decision we have ever made.

We had moved from a very small 2 up – 2 down mid terrace with a postage stamp sized garden, into a Wimpey chalet-style 3 bed semi with a decent sized garden and lots of potential to extend in the coming years.

Last year, we just enjoyed the space and didn’t really think about any changes we would like to make.

This year, we are starting to think about how we can make our own mark on our family home.

Now that spring is just around the corner, and the weather will (hopefully!) be getting warmer, I want to spend a lot of my time and effort focussing on our garden.

I absolutely love spending time outdoors, as does Mr. S and our children. When I can make use of my garden it almost feels as though my house has been extended during the summer months.

Our garden is a pretty decent size, but not the most child friendly of spaces. It is block paved from top to bottom with steps halfway down and currently has very little space which is suitable for them to be playing in without full supervision (in particular my 3-year-old, who is the clumsiest child in the world at the best of times)

As soon as we moved in, we went to our nearest John Lewis and chose this table and chairs for the area directly outside our dining room. It was the first purchase that we made for our new home and I absolutely adore it. I spent most of last summer sat by it, whether I was eating breakfast on a sunny morning on my own (Mr. S used to poke fun at me all the time!) or having friends over for a barbecue and drinks. Once I have completed the work in our garden I am going to enjoy it all the more.

It will remain in the same place, as it is next to a wall which provides much-needed shade, but is also a great little sun-trap area at the right time of the day. I hope that we will be making memories around this very table for many years to come.


At the moment, the patio furniture is probably the only thing that I am happy about in our garden. A combination of the winter weather, having a puppy running up and down the slated area, the wind and the fact it has not been used have certainly taken its toll. It is in some urgent need of some tlc!

One of the biggest projects I will start in the coming weeks is to paint all the fences. They certainly need a new lease of life.

I have had a look around at different brands, but I think I am going to use Cuprinol paint. They seem to have an extensive range of colours, and having used the brand in the past for another project in our previous home, that is what I will be going with.

I am not afraid of adding colour, in fact I like the idea of colourful fences in the garden. It will bring a bit more of a ‘fun’ feel to the carefree and inviting space that I would like to create. I’m not saying I want neon pink (imagine the looks I would get from the neighbours!) but something a bit different to the bog standard brownish colours would be good.

At the very bottom of our garden, we have a summer-house, which was left by the previous house owner when we moved in. We havent really used it yet, which is a great shame. Again, I would like to revive it a little by injecting a bit of colour into it. There is a power point inside it too, so maybe some lighting may give it a great finishing touch.

This space here at the bottom will be where the children’s garden equipment will be going. I was lucky enough to find someone locally giving away a no longer needed tp climbing frame and trampoline, in pretty good condition (I could not believe my luck)

What we will need to do down here is make the surface safer. We have a few options, either to take up the block paving and to lay it to lawn, or put down some artificial grass, or maybe even a wet pour playground surface. Whatever happens, something needs to be done before the climbing frame goes up. A bad landing onto block paving doesn’t even bear thinking about.

Other jobs will include jet washing all of the block paving (as I said earlier in this post, the winter has certainly taken its toll and it needs a thorough clean) Replanting, we have a lot of plants in pots which were left by the previous owner of the house, the majority of them are in broken ceramic pots, which neither looks nice or is very safe with kids around.

So there you have it. Our garden, in desperate need of some attention!

Now that I have written this post I feel like I’ve signed myself up to the work and there is no going back! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when I am finished. I will of course be updating along the way.

Wish me luck.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear them!


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