4 stone down | My Cambridge Weight Plan journey

As much as anything, I am writing these posts for something for me to be able to look back and reflect on, to see how my take on things change as I lose more and more weight.

4 months ago, I had not even contemplated beginning a major weight loss journey and here I am now, well on my way.

I thought I would do a little update as I have not really mentioned anything apart from my first initial post about my weight loss.

For those of you who have not seen my previous post I started on the Cambridge Weight Plan on 29th November 2016.

I am now in week 14 and look what I’ve got!


That there is my 4 stone award! I cannot believe that this rosette actually belongs to me. I am usually quite pessimistic when it comes to losing weight, I always feel like it is never going to happen for me. But for some reason this time feels much different. I am feeling focused, determined and positive about the coming weeks. My goal is to be at target (to be in the 12 stone weight bracket by in 30th birthday in the summer) and I am still right on track to achieve this.

I got up on my bathroom scales carrying my 6-year-old son the other day, and our combined weight now is still less than what I weighed on 29th November 2016! How crazy is that?!

The strange thing is that I honestly cannot physically feel the difference. Everyone keeps saying to me “You must be feeling so much better, being active must be so much easier.”

Honestly? No.

Even before I started I was always pretty active, walking here and there most days, and running around after a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old most certainly keeps you on your toes!

What I can feel a difference in, is my confidence. Being so big I always seemed to stick out like a sore thumb, maybe there was a little bit of paranoia in there too, but I could always feel people’s eyes on me, on all the bits I had so desperately tried to cover up for so long.

I was always scared about what people were thinking about me, and I always hid away from a hell of a lot of social situations, as I’ve had my confidence knocked back a good few times due to my weight.

4 stone down, I feel like I blend in a little bit more now, like I’m no longer quite literally the elephant in the room.



Next stop, 5 stone!

I’ve got this, I know I have.

Are you on a similar weight loss journey? Let me know, I would love to hear your story!

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