Bathtime for Mummy | My version of events

Kids, don’t you just love them? They ignore you when you are in their presence, yet the moment you want or need to do something for yourself, their life stops and they simply cannot go on without you.

I’m going it alone this weekend as Mr. S is on-call in London until Monday. He has to work away quite a lot and as a family it is something that we are completely used to. They are on the whole pretty good kids, they rarely fight (aside from the odd sibling bickering here and there which I just ignore as it is so insignificant)

But lately, particularly when I am washing and getting myself ready, THEY ARE DRIVING ME INSANE!!!

Take yesterday for example, I had sat with them for most of the morning watching a film. They didn’t take a blind bit of notice in me and then they headed into the playroom and played with their toys. After breakfast I then announced that I was going to go up and get ready for the day, so I asked them to come back into the sitting room, I put the TV on for them, Justin’s House, which is long enough for me to actually have a bath for the duration of the show¬† which is something that they both like to watch.

So, here’s my version of events:

9:30am – Mummy heads for upstairs after announcing it is time for her to get washed and dressed for the day. Girl asks for a drink just as Mummy is 3-stairs-up. Mummy turns around, goes into the kitchen and provides girl with requested drink.

9:31am – Mummy makes it to the top of the stairs and heads into the bathroom. Mummy picked up some new bubble bath from the supermarket yesterday, and decides it may be nice to have a bath today rather than the usual shower.

9:33am – Boy enters bathroom and decides to use the toilet. Asks if the bath being run is for him, when it is discovered that the bath is for Mummy, boy becomes cross and says he will wait outside until he can get in the bath after mummy. Mummy politely advises boy to go downstairs for the time being.

9:34am Mummy gets into bath. Girl shouts from downstairs, and Mummy cannot hear girl so she marches upstairs to announce that she saw the next door neighbour putting rubbish in their dustbin and she waved. Mummy thanks girl for sharing this breaking news and advises her to go back downstairs.

9:36am After a full two minutes of relaxation, Mummy hears shouting from downstairs. Mummy calls down to see what the matter is. Boy advises that he dropped his Ninja Turtle on the floor and had his head stuck between the sofa and the wall when he went to pick it up, but it is all ok now.

9:37am Boy appears in the bathroom and asks Mummy if she is going to be much longer in the bath. Mummy advises boy to go away.

9:38am Mummy begins to wash her hair when girl walks in and announces that she needs a poo. Of course she does. As girl still needs assistance in this field, Mummy has to get out of the bath with a head full of shampoo to assist girl.

9:40am Boy reappears in the bathroom whilst Mummy is assisting girl under the assumption Mummy has finished in the bath. Mummy explains to boy this is not the case.

9:41am Mummy gives up, rinses her hair off and gets out of the bath to allow boy to have his bath. Boy has now decided that he wants to dress up as Spider-Man instead and he will in fact have a bath before bed. Fantastic.

9:43am Mummy is instantly greeted by girl in her bedroom, who wants to watch Mummy dry her hair whilst bouncing on the bed. Mummy tells girl to go downstairs. Girl lies on floor sulking and shouting at the bottom of the stairs until Mummy is finally ready 20 minutes later.


Does anyone else get treated to mornings like this? I think if I didn’t laugh, I would cry!

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  1. It is a crying situation Lucy I have been there so many times and feel your pain, different kids, always poo, why is that? They have a sixth sense that mummy wants some time to herself, it’s like a beacon. So great to have you linking up, thank you #sharethejoy
    Lizzie Roles recently posted…Share the JoyMy Profile

    1. No problem! Have a great week! #sharethejoy

  2. This is SO true of my two girls (well I’ll let the baby off but the toddler)!!!! Yes. She’ll happily watch TV but as soon as I go for a shower / toilet she wants me. Monkeys! #dreamteam

    1. Haha glad I’m not the only one! x #dreamteam

  3. Every morning is like this with me. I have two girls and one of them is always touching me or wants something… GOOD LUCK for the future xx #dreamteam

    1. Haha and you lovely! #dreamteam

  4. Oh I’m with you here – why is it the moment you want to relax for 5 second, they are calling you straight away!! Fab post lovely – thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x

    1. No problem! Glad you enjoyed the post #dreamteam x

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