A Family With A Four-Legged Friend

I thought I would write a post today about our newest member of the family.

We moved into our current house in June last year. Having a really decent sized garden and knowing that I would be a stay at home mum meant one thing for me, I wanted us to get a dog!

I didn’t grow up with a dog in my household as a child, but I have always adored dogs, and grew up knowing other extended family members and close friends who had dogs. It was always something that I wanted, and as soon as the opportunity came about, I talked to Mr. S about in and we decided to go for it!

We started looking into it even before we completed on our house. We would go online and get an idea of what may be out there for us.

First of all we did start to look at getting a rescue dog. We contacted numerous shelters enquiring, and we were always pipped to the post as the dogs we were enquiring about were already getting re-homed.

I had not realised how popular re-homing is! We also found that a lot of the shelters were reluctant to re-home to families with young children. (Quite rightly so, some of the dogs in the shelters were strays, they didn’t know what these dogs pasts were like, so they couldn’t hand on heart say that having a young child in the house along with the dog would work, or, be safe.)

After almost giving up hope, I saw an advert of a local breeder selling cocker spaniel puppies pinned on the noticeboard of a waiting room. I took a photo on my phone of the advert and sent it to Mr. S – He had said he didn’t want a puppy and wanted one who was about a year or so old, but I thought I may as well chance my arm! Haha!

I didn’t get a reply to the message so I assumed he didn’t like the idea and chose to ignore the suggestion.

But… he got home from work that evening and announced he had contacted the breeder and we were going to choose a puppy that very weekend.

Oh my goodness! I could have taken all of them home. There was a litter of 7 puppies but we all fell for this one.

We had to wait a couple of weeks, but on the first weekend of the school holidays, we brought Bruce home.

Why Bruce?

Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Lee, Bruce Banner, Bruce Wayne, Bruce Forsyth. All awesome people (including Superheroes, much to our sons delight) An awesome name for an awesome dog!

Raising a puppy, alongside a potty training toddler and an into everything 5-year-old? We don’t do things by halves do we?!

Yes, I do admit that there were days when I thought, What have we done? Should we have waited a little longer before we got a puppy? Are we mad? (clearly!)

We were firm with him from the off, we had a puppy crate where he slept at night and he was picking up on commands we had taught him from about 11 weeks onwards.


Our children adored him from the off, and our daughter in particular is very attached to him, I believe that interaction with animals is wonderful for children.

If I was not a stay at home mum, I don’t think that having a dog would be right for us. They are demanding of your time. There’s the walks, the grooming, the attention, and juggling a career outside of the house, raising two children and having the dog would for me be a step too far.

I love him to the moon and back, he is the most affectionate puppy, and I am always pleased to see him in the morning when I come downstairs, and I love the fact that he gets me out of the house each day for a decent amount of exercise. Would I aimlessly walk around a field daily on my own for an hour, of course not!

There are downsides to having a dog in the family.

  • They are demanding of your time
  • They are ‘a tie’ – days out can no longer be as spontaneous as they once were, we have to ensure that we will either be back home in good time or there is someone available to go and at least look-in on him.
  • They are not cheap! Insurance, vets bills, puppy food and treats all add up.
  • They chew your stuff! Bruce is a prolific Lego thief and sock chewer, your floors need to be spotless when there is a puppy about, in their eyes, if its on the floor, its theirs!


For us, getting a dog was the right decision. We could not be without him and he is well and truly part of the family.

I am sure there will be many more posts to come about the antics of Bruce!

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