Just forget about the camera, and enjoy the moment

Earlier this week, I was in my car whilst stopped in traffic and to the left of me there was a cafe. As I peered in through the window, I could see a little boy in the shop with his mum. She was doing what we all do, attempting to take a photo of him looking cute on a chair with a babyccino in hand.

I could tell he was not playing ball, not looking at the camera, despite the desperate attempts of his mummy waving one hand at him and her smartphone poised in the other ready for that perfect photo to be captured and undoubtedly shared on social media platforms for friends and family to show everyone how grown up he is getting.

I’m not passing judgement, I can’t. I know that I am guilty of the exact same thing. But it got me to thinking, how much time am I thinking about getting that all important cutesy photograph and how much time am I actually just enjoying the moment?

Growing up, obviously we didn’t even have mobile phones, let alone smartphones, and cameras were used for special occasions only. There was no option to preview the photo or delete the dodgy ones, and we had to wait a day or so for them to be developed at the shop before collecting them. Of those photos in the packet that were developed usually a good 10% didn’t come out right, 10% were out of focus and about 50% someone wasn’t looking the right way or blinked at the crucial moment. The remaining 30% were deemed good enough for a photo album and that was that.

I take so many photos, hundreds in a week. That is the beautiful thing about todays technology. You can snap away and film away to your heart’s content without thinking about it, but at what cost?

Are my children bothered about the fact that I’ve managed to take the most wonderful photograph of them sitting together nicely with perfect smiles on their faces? Or on their scooters in a perfect pose, with my dog sitting beautifully the middle of them. Of course not, they don’t care. They want to live for the moment, not for the photograph. They don’t want a camera in their faces for every waking moment of their life.

Equally it is me who is missing out on moments as they happen. Because I’m fiddling around with my phone I am missing out on seeing things through my own eyes, watching my girl playing with her dolls, or dancing in the lounge, or watching my boy build something awesome out of Lego or not learning to ride his bike. Or even not just watching, actually joining in.

My life has not been ruined because there are not 3,000 photographs stored on a memory card of me back in 1993. The memories I have of that time in my life are stored in my head and in a couple of dusty old albums that relatives have stored away in their cupboards or garages that I have no desire to look at myself.

So the next time we go out, or there is a moment which purely just makes me smile, maybe I will put the camera down and stop worrying about when the next good photo opportunity is going to come along, make memories in my head, and just enjoy the moment.



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  1. Hey Lucy. Well, I could have bloody written this myself! I infact did write a similar post a couple of months ago at Christmas time. A time when I would be in full force taking pictures of my Joseph’s second Christmas, only I couldn’t because my phone was being repaired. I felt as though I was in the moment and more involved in what would be lovely memories for us all. Since then when Joseph is eating his breakfast, I sit and watch him.. rather than pick up my phone to read ‘Mail Online’ it’s so true everything that you say. Trust me, I am still guilty of alot of photo taking but stop myself in alot of situations to be in the moment more. Loved reading this, thank you girly xxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! I totally agree, you never get those precious moments back, facebook and tabloids can wait. I need to remind myself that every so often too x

  2. Lucy, I love this! We’ve all been the mum in the cafe and I totally agree that we need to just enjoy the moment for its own sake and not for the Instagram potential! Or at least strike a balance between the two! #coolmumclub

    1. Absolutely! I would be a hypocrite to say I will never be snapping away again but as you say I need learn to strike a balance xx #CoolMumClub

  3. This struggle is so real! As much as I am guilty of it I am also very aware of it and remember a recent occasion when a fellow mum literally watched all of her daughter’s ballet performance from behind the camera in her iphone I was like – noooooooo! Thanks for linking this up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo
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    1. Ah thats sad isnt it?! I’m kind of glad a lot of places dont allow cameras or phones to be used during classes or performances. As you have no option to see it with your own eyes. No problem, same time next week xx #CoolMumClub

  4. I totally agree with you! This is why pretty much all of the pictures I take are far from what we might deem ‘perfect’. I don’t ever ‘set the scene’ for a photo, or direct the kids beyond “aww that was cute, would you do it again so I can get a pic?” If Amelia says no, then no it is! I suppose I’m lucky that both my kids seem to like the camera so whenever I left my phone up they both grin!! #coolmumclub

    1. I never get a half decent photo anyway! My boy hates having his photo taken full stop and my girl is a gurning pro! Haha #CoolMumClub

  5. This is great advice and a reminder to live life to the full enjoying the present. #coolmumclub

    1. 🙂 Thanks for reading x #CoolMumClub

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