School Days Are On The Horizon

I have just submitted my girls nursery application and I’m feeling emotional.

I cannot believe that the tiny 6lbs baby girl that I brought into the world just 3 years ago is going to be starting nursery. She will be wearing a little school uniform, and smart shoes and sitting cross-legged in assembly just like my boy, and she will leave me every morning of the week to begin her educational journey.

Gone will be the mornings of soft play hell, the mornings of singing twinkle-twinkle for the umpteenth time at mum and toddler groups, the mornings of sneaky coffee and babyccino trips and the morning visits to the local farm to see yet another miserable looking pig.



As wonderful as that sounds, I am going to feel so so lost.

For the past 6 and a half years, this has been my life. My boy was 3 when my girl was born and as soon as the routine finished for him, it started for her. I have become used to the routine and spending the time with my children.

I know, I know, it’s only going to be during the mornings and we will have the afternoons, but our time will be very limited as we will have to collect my boy just a few short hours later, and by the time we have walked back home and then get back in time to walk back for school pickup, we may manage a quick pop to the shops at best, or 20 minutes in the park if the weather behaves itself.

In the afternoons, there are never any groups to go to, and by then she will be one of the older kids anyway. One of the kids that the mums of  younger babies and toddlers rolls their eyes at for encroaching on their soft play time, because she is too ‘grown up’ to be there at that time of day. They think she should only be allowed to come in after school has finished, she’s one of the older kids now.

So this year, while she is still all mine for the most part, I am going to appreciate every single day I have with her. The mornings of soft play hell; I will go down the slides with her when she asks me to.

Singing twinkle-twinkle for the umpteenth time at mum and toddler group; I will join in the singing rather than sit and look at the clock wishing this god-awful noise would end.

On our coffee and babyccino trips; maybe I will make them last longer -perhaps have two coffees instead of one (steady on!)

When we visit the farm, we can stop and watch the animals together just a little bit longer.

My girl is growing up. But she is still my baby, and I am going to be so lost.

So right now I am going to give her all the time in the world.




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  1. Wow, be very proud of yourself and your daughter. She must be ready for it and nursery can give them so much fun too.

    My three are 8,7,and 5 and just keep getting better to be around, loads to look forward too!


    1. Thanks! #thatfridaylinky

  2. I felt the same way when my girls started nursery. I dreaded it, but they did so well to settle in. They started full time school back in September last year. It took a while for them to adjust to being in school all day – it was very tiring – but they’re doing so well now. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

    1. Its going to bring huge changes to our lives! Shes going to love it, I think it will be me crying at the school gates, not her. No problem! Thanks for hosting! Same time again next Friday 🙂 #ThatFridayLinky

  3. It’s a tough time but it’s so good for them good luck lovely post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  4. Aww it really does fly doesn’t it. I’m not quite ate that stage yet but two years in and can’t believe how quickly it’s all going and how soon he will no longer be mine all day.

    Best of luck to you both as the new changes occur. I hope you find it easier than you imagine


    1. I know, you blink and you miss it! Two years without a child seems like a decade compared to two years of bringing up a baby.


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