Upcycling Of A Ducal Dresser Unit

In this household, it has to be said; Mr. S is spoken for. Quite literally!

I call the shots. I find the things, I get the things, and I do the things. On this occasion though Mr. S insisted that he would “do the thing.” So all credit goes to him on this one!

I was browsing a Facebook selling page a while back when I came across a tired looking pine Ducal dresser unit which someone was selling for a bargain price, and nobody else had commented on the post. Woohoo! I had to have it!

We have a similar style dresser in our lounge which is just amazing for storage and I had thought about getting one for our dining room too for a while now to replace a bulky old oak sideboard which was (kindly) handed down to us by my mum when she downsized. As much as it was appreciated, it was a bit of furniture that I always wished we didn’t have. I could have thought of a million other things to do with that space.


After I managed to knock down the price a little (win!) a few days later, Mr.S went and collected the unit. Over the next few weekends when he had a spare hour or so he began the work.

First of all the entire unit needed sanding down, and this was done using both a power sander and sand paper for the awkward parts.



Then came the primer paint and an undercoat.

And me being me, and always having to stick my oar in(!) I took it upon myself to choose the paint to use.

Now, we are not millionaires, far from it! I am a stay at home mum, I don’t have an income (I feel like I deserve one sometimes though!) so we wanted to keep the cost down as much as possible, without compromising the look of the finish.

I popped into our nearest Wilko and had a look for some paint.

A few months previously I randomly decided to paint my mantlepiece and  stupidly picked up outdoor paint by mistake. I liked the colour though (and I couldn’t be bothered to go all the way back to the shops) so I thought it couldn’t do any harm, if anything outdoor paint must be more durable than indoor paint(?) It was brilliant to paint with, so I decided to look at the same range for the dresser too.

I chose two colours as I wanted a paler colour on the backing.

I chose this limestone paint for the unit itself and this white paint for the backing.
The limestone paint was paler than I expected so Mr.S added a little bit of the paint that I had used on the mantlepiece and mixed it in and made it a bit darker. (Custom colour right there!)

We also picked up the door furniture from Wilko too, which I think goes really nicely with the colour of the unit.


I am so pleased with the finished results! I am a bit of an Emma Bridgewater collector (my other dresser is filled with it too!) and there are grooves in the shelving of this unit which means I can present some of my plates safely without panicking that one will slide off the shelves.

I’ve also added a few items which we already had around the house.

I believe that the wooden ‘love’ letters were from George at Asda.

The Lords letterbox was from a lovely little independent shop in Richmond-Upon-Thames (sadly I cannot remember the name of it)


The little house drawers I found in a charity shop. I love a good find!

So there you have it! Our upcycled Ducal dresser. All in all with the cost of the unit itself and the paint and accessories, it was just shy of £100. What a bargain!

To me there is something very special about giving a piece of furniture a new lease of life. We have quite a few upcycled items in our house, some which we have purchased already upcycled and other little projects I have worked on myself.

Do you upcycle? I would love to hear about your projects too!

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  1. Oh I love it!! So jealous!! x

    1. Thank you. I am also pleased with it. Great storage!

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